Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Garden veg

July is here and the garden is offering up the rewards of one's labours.  It all makes for delicious eating :-)

Freshly shelled broad beans in a hand-made coil pot, how very middle-class!  I think they look nice and moody in B&W...

This broccoli, or calabrese, grew as a 'weed', it must have self seeded from last years crop, probably spending the winter in the compost heap.


Early Nantes carrots and spring onions.

This pretty parcel is 'Bright Lights' chard.  I love the candy-cane quality of the stems.  Tasty too!

These red chilis and the squashkin are actually last years harvest.  I forgot to upload their pics, so here they are in all their glory...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sculpture update

Many moons have passed and I've made some progress with the life-study sculpture that I roughed out in the class.  Here she is now, standing, or rather sitting, 14cm tall...


At last, a new post!  I've returned to the pottery studio down the road and made a few oddments.  Mostly experimental stuff to get into the swing of things again :-)