Thursday, 12 January 2012

Self portrait

Finally got around to painting something for one of the old frames I've got, a self portrait of me with a goatee beard. Oil on linen on board...

Wee beasties

Just been digging through some photo folders and found these pics I took in France and Italy...

Eucalyptus tree

Time to post something :-)  Last March I planted a small eucalyptus tree, I think it's Gunnii, in the front garden.  I wanted something non-coniferous, evergreen and fast growing to add some height to the border.  Well, it sure is a speedy plant!  This photo shows it standing at 56cm/22" when planted.

I measured it during December to see how it was getting on and found it had reached a height of 230cm/90" that's four times its original height in nine months!  I've read that they don't have a true dormant period so it'll be interesting to see how it grows through the winter.  Look out for an update in the spring, I bet you can't wait ;-)